USG-online - Advertising Information has been in existence for over 9 years. What started as one lone website reviewing online underwear and swimwear stores quickly became a family of underwear related websites and blogs plus a huge community for underwear enthusiasts (most whom are proven internet shoppers.)

As of September 2010, our websites have a combined traffic base of over 100,000 unique monthly visitors. Individually, here are the figures: (including USG Community): 50472 Unique Visitors (including Underwho? Blog): 102083 Unique Visitors
Underwhere? Blog: 11524 Unique Visitors Blog: 42049 Unique Visitors

Unlike other websites who offer banner placements, we offer very affordable advertising packages which include feature store placements on both homepages of and but also banner placements on three of our blogs and in various spots throughout our USG community and galleries. You’ll find the cost for this “package” is no more expensive than what other sites charge you for one banner spot.

Also, there are only 5 banner packages available so you can be guaranteed the best exposure for your brand, but act quickly as most of those spots are already taken.

For advertising inquiries, please contact:

Adrian Dobson: