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Gym time in Jovana Micro 4d
On or off? :)
Booty gains in Tiny Jovana 3D
Jovana Mesh 4D Micro Thong (thin waistband) replacement for the one I bought in 2012
Jovana Mesh 4D Micro Thong (thin waistband) replacement for the one I bought in 2012; this design is my all-time favorite and oh so sexy. Differences...
New Jovana design review: Tiny 3D String. Cute triangle back option shown here but suit also comes in a regular T-back or ring back. Picture and...
New Jovana design review: Tiny 3D String. I havenít purchase a 3D suit from Jovana (normally buy 4D micro suits) as the pouch is a tad large for me;...
Jovana 4D Micro Thong collection: 5 mesh, 1 spandex. I normally don't buy duplicate styles of any suit so I have as diverse a collection of possible....
New suits, all mesh, all micro, can't wait to try em on :)
Tiny pvc Jovana under golf clothes :)
Snug sheer strap makes my taint happy...
Gotta love mesh!
Relaxing in Jovana mesh micro 4d (but not really relaxing in the pouch department)  :)
Jovana strip part 3 (final) ;)
When 1 mesh micro 4d thong isn't sufficient... Lol
Jovana strip part 2 (part 3's the best!)
Jovana Micro-up Thong Strip (part 1, will post part 2 when I get at least 5 comments!)
I'm such a "dickhead" sometimes...haha
Feeling bulgy in Jovana Micro 4D Mesh
Dec 31 workout &  shower...Happy new year folks.
Back to working out after 2 weeks of indulgence and holiday binging :(
Was at the gym in a group class a few days ago when my pants ripped at the crotch. Lucky I was wearing this mesh Jovana underneath. Had to do...
Jovana under workout shorts, again...
Gearing up for the gym (in Jovana)
Super horny in Jovana shaft suit
Love it when my pouch is cradled in mesh
Took this pic in the elevator, hope there were no cameras in there! [In Jovana 4D micro]
Back of trusty Jovana Micro 4D Thong
Anyone want to suck on my licorice candy cane? (Jovana Micro 4D Stripes Hot Pink Black)
Jovana Extreme Micro Plain G String Back
Received this (special request) suit about a week ago and absolutely love it. Similar to a JS bulge thong but pouch uplift/push forward is superior....
Another new suit...Jovana Extreme Micro Plain G String in Light Lemon Yellow Mesh! (different design than another micro g-string I have from Jovana...

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