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Miscellaneous or forgotten brands
Miscellaneous or forgotten brands (click photos and scroll down to leave comments)
Malibu Strings with cock ring
Malibu Strings with cock ring
Malibu Strings with cock ring
This brand is "aibc".
No wiggle room in this one.
I thought I was purchasing a TM thong, but it turns out there was no tag, so it's another unbranded ebay purchase.  I like the color, but the pouch...
I had to be completely flaccid and chilly to get into this one.
These pictures of this coral thong were taken in the fall.  I like this suit.
I wish I could remember the brand and where I purchased this suit from.  I would get it in more colors.  It's so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing it.
very stretchy too.
the material is light and soft.
I've seen several members posting pics in WW, so I thought I would try out Malibu Strings.  These certainly aren't designed for all-day wear!
MS - I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  I used my phone cam to take these pics of me wearing these MS bottoms.
MS - obviously designed for a woman's body.
MS - the second bottom I purchased.  It looked much smaller on the model.
MS - Again, the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired.
MS - I took these pics back in October '17, so they're not recent.
MS - the last of them
Another forgotten brand purchased on ebay
I don't remember the brand of this ebay purchase
The brand name of this piece escapes me.
ebay purchase
anybody know the brand?
A very comfortable pair
Under Moon brand.  These are tight, but very comfortable; like silk.

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