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New Year
1B220521 C3E9 4117 9389 97FF5A187E13
EA19EE69 A9D9 43AB ABF3 F1D9F96593D7
1E605FAE FA05 4F7C 96B6 B02EA8A15D14
76A60D77 8FD2 48CA AB24 81526FB396C7
B3D78BC2 29D3 4ACA 9D7A 2942AC8975AA
C0AFFB23 DBA9 4D50 BA2D D56253FEA5A7
F802C2DD 7ED3 473B 9F5C 32E4CFC2A4C9
D81A070F 0A8E 43B1 BC8D 955887CE03F7
744898D0 E0DB 4388 9301 CA2788B15836  
It a cold day, just had to be naked
94E87ED1 D78D 4BC7 B294 36818EF87F03
26B84798 BEE6 4C9C 89ED ADCB5A6BFFDD.  
Naked on a cold day
70D5D9EE ED23 4926 A42C 652EABBAD98A
4DDDD988 E996 4191 AE2C DD7059353248
DA2025B4 FD5C 4A27 A1BD 550F5A35F5D5
437C550B D372 4B97 9072 5665B96DE859
9FF3A24D 8684 4BEE A392 ECFD73CC11B5
A33B3286 D5D3 454B 9CDA 2BE5CA99E52F

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