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Photo Challenge: Win A Free Jockstrap:

I've just launched a small contest over at our jockstrap selfie social website, Your Jockstraps. Basically, if you can recreated the following photo and upload it to the Your Jockstraps website, you could win a free JC Athletic Jockstrap.

Here's the photo (more rules below):

Simply recreate this photo or come close (try not to fall over!) using any jockstrap you may have and upload the photo to Your Jockstraps for a chance to win one of Jockstrap Central very own JC Athletic Classic Jockstrap.

All photos must be uploaded to Your Jockstraps before Tuesday, September 5th using the Submit Your Photos form (it's the button at the top of the right column of any Your Jockstraps webpage). They will be displayed on Your Jockstraps website. If there is more than one photo submitted, then a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will get to choose the size, style and color of the free jock (3 Inch or Swimmer and either black or white).


*btw - the photo is not one of ours, just a sexy photo I saw today while surfing.
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