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Undies Swapping

It all started when I was about 5 years old when my next door neighbour who was the same age as me, got me to swap undies with him for the day. We happily wore each others undies for a couple of hours while playing in the garden. When our mothers called us in for the day we had to do some nifty manouevers to swap back. I can remember hiding behind a couch doing the quick swap. In retrospect this was probably completely unnecessary, as I grew up in Zimbabwe and in those days there would have been very little choice in boy's underwear - if I remember correctly for the most part we all wore white cellular jockey briefs. So nobody would have been any the wiser that we had swapped. This happened quite often thereafter. From then on I have always been into undies and cocks and I sometimes wonder whether these early experiences had an affect on my sexuality?

Interesting topic



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