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My first "real" awareness of the fun of underwear apeared when I was at a friends house, a place where all of us would go when we cut school ( lol).

We of course were all stoned and while some of us dummies were zoned out on the couch, one of my best buds was getting dry humped by a girl on a bed in the next room...

well of course i was more focused on that than the silly pong game my friends were playing, so i went and watched my bud getting it on....
a little bit into his fun, the girl unzipped his jeans and was humping his bulge thru his shiny red underwear ( which I had never seen before)( i was still wearing and only aware of regular "mom bought" white underwear) and his bulge looked rather hot. I dont know what turned mre on more...him being humped, or his undies.


they saw me standing by the door and stopped for a moment and then they started cracking up because they saw me rubbing my hardon thru my jeans...

i guessed i messed things up for them because they got off the bed and went back in the living room and smoked more

fast foward a few weeks....

there we are....back at our friends house getting stoned...its just the three of us ( my best bud and that girl) on the couch and we were smoking bowls of pot....

well someshit happened, he dropped the pipe and the burning pot dropped in his lap and I brushed the burning weed off his lap ( im such a good friend lol)

right there and to my teenage-naive amazement, the girl unzips my friend to " make sure" he didnt get burnt, and there was those red shiny undies again.

Like I said above..i never saw undies like those and was fascinated by the color, shinyness and how his stuff looked in them.

By this time, the girl ( she was the neighborhood slut btw...did all the guys except me ) started rubbing him to "make him feel better" right next to me on the say the about to burst thru my

so buddy notices me looking at him getting rubbed and asks me if I like his undies...Of course I said yes....then he takes my hand and puts it on his hard bulge and tells me to check em out because they feel awesome....of course i did..they turned out to be Bravo underwear and I never felt anything so awesome..I was completely turned on, trembling and my little cock was very noticeable thru my jeans..

So the girls looks at me and starts laughing at me and point to my little bulge and said that it looked cute.

My buddy whispered something in her ear and then she got up and sat between us and procedded to give us both handjobs thru our undies.

Needless to say..I came in my undies in like 5 seconds ( this was the first time a girl purposely made me cum) and my friend cracked up so hard he fell off the couch...

With that...they both went into the bedroom and he got laid and there i was with wet undies on my friends couch and what was the start of a lifelong obsession with underwear and underwear sex.
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