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Well, for me, I had to have been about 7 and seeing my upstairs neighbors son ricky out in the backyard by the "old school" swimming pool. The ones with the metal walls about two feet high and a liner. You just pushed in one side at the end of the day to dump out the buggies and grass and anything else and refill it for the next day.

Anyhow, it was a hot summer day and we were outside playing "Off the house" with a raquette ball. We were hot and descided to jump in the pool since it was there. His younger sister Racheal was there too. We all jumped in the pool and cooled off. Soon, Racheal had to go in, So it was just me and Ricky in the pool. I had on the pattern whities with regular shorts. Ricky also had on shorts.

We started rough housing in the pool and he pulled my shorts down, so in retaliation, I yanked his down. He was wearing low cut briefs. I stopped to admire, but not long enough to raise suspicion. Anyhow. we played in our underwear only for some time till he had to go in. He got out of the pool and dried off while I watched, and from there on, I was definately hooked. I fell into "love" with Ricky LOL if you can call it that at that age. I would try to do as much as I could to get to see what he was wearing. Play wrestling ect. Gotta love the "Up the pant leg" peeks

Anyhow, the huge "love affair" LOL lasted for only a few weeks, But my love to the bulges beneath the shorts didnt stop there.

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