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Thongs and G-strings Post photos of Thongs and G-strings and discuss the photos and styles here.

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Old 09-08-2018, 02:37 AM
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SweatyAussie SweatyAussie is offline
Smartarse from Down Under
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Thongs seem popular again (with females)

Apologies in advance for mentioning female attire, but I think it is relevant.

I have just returned from a holiday in the sunny north of Western Australia, including a couple of weeks spent at Broome, well known for its Cable Beach (which is a very nice beach, but there are plenty just as good in the vicinity of Perth and further south, but that's for another discussion).

During this time I saw quite a lot of both men and women in swimming attire. This was not only at the beach. I visited a national park well known for its scenic gorges, some of which have water that is swimmable - eyewateringly cold, but good for a brief dip on a hot day. Hence I, and many of the other tourists, were in swimming attire for some of the time.

What I observed was this: while the favoured costume for males does not seem to have changed much in recent years - namely most seem to prefer shorts or swim trunks, with a minority favouring Speedo style - the ladies seem to be leading a trend back towards minimalism. I was somewhat surprised (and, had I been straight, would have been delighted) at the brevity of some of the ladies' outfits. This includes local women and visitors from UK and continental Europe. The bikini tops may as well not have been there at all, they hid so little of their breasts; and as for the bottoms, while they probably did not quite qualify as thongs, there was a LOT of arse on display. I think tanga would be the word I would use. Being at the bottom of a rung of steps leading into a gorge and looking up to see one of these 20-something female bums descending towards you is quite a sight to behold. Wrong gender for me of course, but still I can understand how a straight man might freak out a little. No one seemed to be commenting to anyone along the lines of "you're not wearing much"; it seemed to be treated as normal.

I would like to think that this trend will continue, and it would be even better if a few more of the blokes followed suit. The human body needs to be appreciated rather than maligned, and if the women can show the way, then good on them.


By the way, Broome has an unofficial nude beach, good for tanning but useless for cruising. The openly gay demographic there seems almost non-existent. It's definitely the first "nude" beach I've been to where the majority of patrons are partly clothed, where trains of tourist-bearing camels parade up and down along the waterline, and where at certain times of the day you actually get traffic jams on the beach, Yes, actual traffic. Cars and 4WDs. It is, fortunately, possible to walk a while and reach sections of beach that are much more secluded - no cars, very few people, and you could probably get away with being naked if you wished.

There will be SweatyAussie selfies forthcoming... watch this space.
The best things in life make you sweat.

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Old 09-08-2018, 10:01 AM
smoothhappy smoothhappy is offline
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Well Australia is home of Wicked Weasel...not sure if that plays a factor in that at all!
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Old 09-08-2018, 03:35 PM
SweatyAussie's Avatar
SweatyAussie SweatyAussie is offline
Smartarse from Down Under
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Australia
Posts: 3,879
SweatyAussie is on a distinguished road
Originally Posted by smoothhappy View Post
Well Australia is home of Wicked Weasel...not sure if that plays a factor in that at all!
Not knowing who or what Wicked Weasel is, I can't comment.
The best things in life make you sweat.
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Old 09-08-2018, 10:31 PM
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The Bondsman The Bondsman is offline
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Thumbs down Truly Amazing!

Amazing isn't it?
Women, ....and that includes many who definitely should NOT really, will openly parade about in very minuscule attire amounting to little more than dental floss, but complain loudly about not wanting to see men in Speedos!
I have observed some horrendously confronting sights, but the women appear totally oblivious.
Yes, I guess it's "freedom", a full points for confidence, but I do think you have to have some respect for other people and I would not appear in such an exposed state at a public space such as a national park....and without wishing to appear vain, can I just say my body is OK.

This is NOT to be confused with prudery.
I sometimes go to DESIGNATED nude beaches and appear totally naked, or wear a white/pale blue AussieBum nylon speedo which goes almost completely transparent when wet leaving little to imagination, ....(and it rarely fails to attract favourable comment), but the point being is that I know full well that everybody else there is perfectly comfortable with my state of undress....just as I am with theirs......whatever their bodily shape.
Time and a place etc.

Consider this.
If a man went out so minimally "clothed" in a public park, (as was the case in S.A."s post above), he would surely be arrested!
And I'm betting it would be a woman who was first to doubt citing her kids proximity!
Imagine any man appearing in one of those minimalist little suits I see over in the Albums that only just cover the penis itself but leave the nuts fully exposed?
Yet I have seen labia hanging out, ...and in a public space too.

Now tell me about men's oppression of women that they seem to be always carping on about........
I actually tried being normal once. Worst two minutes of my life......"

Last edited by The Bondsman; 09-10-2018 at 05:49 PM.
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