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Questions and Support If you have any questions or need things explained, then please post them here.

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Old 05-14-2009, 05:34 PM
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Tip: How to Use the new Groups and Albums Features

If you're lost about the Groups and Albums (accessible from the "community" link toward the top of the page, then this may help.


Every member can create their own personal Albums to store photos. It's entirely up to you how you organize them. You also have the ability to make them public (anyone can see them) or private (only your contacts and friends can see them)

To upload photos, you can go about it in a few ways (most features on the site have multiple ways to reach them. The first way is in your User CP (stands for User Control Panel.) You can access it by clicking the "User CP" link toward the top left of the page. From there, you'll find under the heading "Networking" a link for "Pictures & Albums." Click it, and you'll see all your albums and photos.

You need to create at least one album before you can post a photo. Don't worry, you can move your photos around to your various albums at a later time. To create an album, click the "Add Album" link at the bottom left. Name it whatever you want in the Title section. You can add an optional description of the album, and you can choose either public, private, or profile. Public simply means anyone can see the album, Private means that only your contact and members you've made a "friend" can see the album and the photos in it, and finally profile is a special album for holding photos that you use to decorate your profile and personal pages.

One you filled all that in and clicked the "Submit" button, you'll see your empty album. Now you can click the "Upload Pictures" link to upload photos from your computer. You can upload three at a time. Just click each "Browse" button and you can see the files on your computer. (You can only upload jpg and gif files)

When you're done selecting you photos, click the "Upload Pictures" button and then you can optionally create a caption (description) for the photo. You can also move the photo to another album, but don't worry about that right now. Next, click the "Submit" button and you'll see your first photo in your first ablum.

If you now click on your photo, you'll see your large photos with the details, plus some linking codes (for advanced users) and a few links for. You'll also see a box for making comments. This is where other members (if public, or friends if private) can post a message about the photo.

Look at the "Add to Group" link and remember that - I'll be mentioning that again shortly.


Everyone here has an underwear and swimwear fetish (at least they should), but we all have interests within those broad themes. Some people might like Thongs, someone else may like Red Boxers. Maybe someone likes to take photos of guys in speedos on the local beaches. Do you like to see guys pissing their underwear? How about Celebrities sightings in underwear? Well, now you can create a social group around your interests and with any luck, you'll find others with the same passion and they will join your group.

If you create a group, you are the group leader. You can make your group public or invite only or moderated. Anyone can join your group and post to it if you make it Public. Moderated Groups are open to everyone to join, but any posts need to be moderated (approved) by you, the group leader. Finally, Invite Only means that only people that you invite can join your group.

One more thing, before you create a group, you will need to have a group photo that represents your group. Once you found your image and saved it to your computer, you're ready to create a group.

Just like when creating an Album, to create a Group go to your "User CP" and in the left column under the "Networking" title, you'll see a link for "Social Groups." Click that, and you'll the Social Groups page where all existing (public) Groups will be seen.

At the bottom left of that page, you'll see a "Create a New Group" link. Click that link and you'll see a drop down box to choose a category for your group (If you don't see an appropriate category, then email me or message me and request a category for your group.) Choose a category, then fill in the Title of your group and a description of what the group will be.

This description is important as it let's people know what direction the group should take. If it's a group for red speedos, then let people know here that it's all about red speedos, that way members of your group won't post photos and discuss blue speedos. Next choose whether you Group is public, invite only or moderated. You can also select whether you want people to post discussions or photos or both. I recommend both, why limit people?

Finally, hit Save. The next page, you'll have to choose a photos for the groups icon. This should reflect the theme of the group. If you're handy with a photo editor, you can even make a title on the photo, but if not, no worries.

Finally, hit "Save Changes" and you're done!

Getting the Ball Rolling

Now you just need to make your group interesting for people to want to join. You can do this by posting some photos to it or start some sample discussions.

To post a photo, remember that link I told you about when you posted your photo in your first album, that what you need to click to post that photo to your group. Personally, I have created a private album to hold photos I intend to post to the groups. Then I can just go into that album and selct the photos in it that I want to post to my various groups (or other member's groups)

To start a discussion, just click the "Post a Discussion" button at the bottom left of the page, then just like the forums, you can start a discussion, pose a question or what ever you want.

Hopefully, when your Group gets busy, the other members will chip in and keep the momentum going.

As with any part of the site, if you ever need help, then please check out the "FAQ" link at the top menu of any page. Every part of the site is explained there.

If you still can't find the answer, then post a question in our Questions and Support Forum here.

Have fun,
deusEx (John)
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Old 07-22-2009, 01:47 PM
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in my profile or somewhere,i got a list of contacts and add a member who has requested friendship,i think i did it right,does it take a while to show up ...and whos profile does it show up on,mine or theirs.
sorry to be so confusing,i am getting better on computer and finding my way around the site.
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