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Questions and Support If you have any questions or need things explained, then please post them here.

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Old 10-15-2016, 06:03 PM
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Wink View from the bleachers....coming up trumps?

Originally Posted by sfrunner View Post
And in case you're still somehow on the fence:
You know she's in trouble when there has to be someone to try to excuse all her actions. "Spin" much?
I just loved this bit:
"The question of Hillary’s dishonesty actually comes down to a different issue — the sort of honesty we expect from “politicians” versus the type of honesty we expect from “women.”
Originally Posted by sfrunner View Post
Don't fret too much - we only have 24 more days of this to endure.
It would be such a shame to spoil the spectacle for the rest of us.
P.C. Clinton wins and we get yet another dreary glove puppet on the throne, ....and there's certainly been enough of them already, including an Alzheimic one...or was it several?
Trump wins and it's surely "The Greatest Show on Earth"?

As mentioned before, it's frequently said that you get the government you deserve, and in a society that currently so glorifies those who are little more than thugs and whores, and apparently prizes flamboyance over all else, karma may be about to take a hand.

Personally, considering the USA's gun-fetish, I'm not entirely ruling out an assassination at this stage...or at least an attempt.
They've certainly got "form" when it comes to presidents and potential candidates......
I actually tried being normal once. Worst two minutes of my life......"

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