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We're moving USG to a new faster server so USG has to be turned off until the database can be copied over (otherwise all new posts and photo uploads risk not making it into the database on the new server).

Depending on timing,I may turn USG back on before I do the final upgrade of USG. I turn 50 on Thursday (it's all downhill from here!) and hubby is throwing me a big party on Saturday so it will be at least another week and a half until I can get around to doing the final upgrade. I imagine one wicked hangover.

Will keep you posted!

Where possible, I will change this message with updates.

UPDATE March 29th: My server hosts have upgraded PHP and I've now done the minor upgrade to the forum software and so far so good, everything is intact. I now have to fix a few broken scripts on one of my other sites tonight and then I'll put in the request to migrate everything on this old server to the brand spanking new one. This is going to take at least a week I'm sure, then I have to test everything, then do the final upgrade to the forum software. Will keep everyone posted.

UPDATE March 27nd: Not a lot has happened. Taking forever to communicate back and forth with my hosting company, but at least there's momentum.

UPDATE March 22nd: Well, not a whole hell of a lot has happened. I backed up the software files and the database which took close to four hours and the file was close to 30 gigs, I guess 10+ years of messages and comments takes up a lot of room. I then went to do a preliminary upgrade to find out that some software on our server (PHP) wasn't a new enough version to handle the upgrade. So I've put in a request to my server hosts to upgrade PHP and now I'm waiting for them to respond. I can't imagine USG will be back up and running for a least two weeks, and that's if all goes well. Will keep you posted.

If you have questions or need to contact me you can email me at

In the meantime, if you have a jock fetish, hang out and post some of your jockstrap photos over on our Your Jockstraps website: John (deusex)

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